Rollercoasters! Here are some different websites you can use to design your own coaster!

PBS Fetch Coaster Game

Amusement Park Physics - Design a Roller Coaster

Try this fun Brainpop game called Energy Skate Park

Take this quiz to see how much you know about roller coasters!

Weird Plants!

snapgdragon seed pod skull dragons skull.jpg

Website # 1 - Look for the name of your plant.

Website # 2 - Search for the name of your plant. Remember: You many have to use the scientific name!

Brainpop - Search Shark

Light Science

Nautilus - How Animals See the World - People and animals see the world differently because of the types of photoreceptors in our eyes. On this website, drag the slider to the right to see an animal’s view; to the left to see a person’s view.

Watch the Brainpop video on Light to get an overview of the topic of our videoconference.

You'll need to enter our school's user name and password.

Watch the Brainpop video on Rainbows to learn more about white light and prisms.

Still want to learn more? Watch the video on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Feel like an expert yet?

Check out these online tours:

Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's Home

Library of Congress Online Interactive Tours

University of New Hampshire - Durham - Online Tour

Mount Rushmore - 3D Tour

Other fun websites:

Scholastic Halloween

Switcheroo Zoo

Scholastic - Interactive storybooks, poetry, and more!

Smithsonian's Digging for Answers - test your expertise and your research skills by playing this fun game@!

Kulture Kidz - Learn about African American Culture on this website designed for kids.

Who Are We? - Check out this interactive website that shows why America is considered a melting pot of many cultures.

Scholastic I Spy Games