What exactly is a podcast? Watch this video to get a better idea:

The book commercial podcasts we are creating will not be posted on the web, but check out a few podcasts that are on online:

Pulse of the Planet - Click on the play icon on the main page to listen to the podcast of the day. This website features podcasts that have to do with science topics.

Petz Rock - PetLifeRadio.com - Click on at least one episode and listen to host Kristen Powers talk all about animals.

NHPR podcast - NH Public Radio hosts a number of different podcasts, including Something Wild, which examines the plants and animals you can find in your backyard. Listen to this episode segment about the Western Conifer Seedbug aka stinkbug.

Lots of podcasts can be accessed in iTunes. Open up iTunes on the computer you are on and click on iTunes Store. Click on podcasts, then search for any of the following in the search bar:

Elmo's Adventure's in Spending, Saving and Sharing - Listen to one of the podcast episodes.

Did This Happen by Saturday Morning Media - Listen to one of the podcast episodes.

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd - Listen to one of the podcast episodes.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids - Listen to part of Episode 1.

But Why? A Podcast for Curious Kids - Listen to part of an episode.

Remember, you are searching for Podcasts, not songs!