Making Connections !

This year, we are celebrating National Library Week by making connections with books and through videoconferencing programs. Below are some resources that will help us get ready for our virtual visits. Enjoy!

Third Grade

Fossils! Click here to access the website to our new book Fossils. The book code is H318392. Ask Mrs. Williams or Ms. Beaudoin for the secret code!

** The book Mrs. Williams read to you this week, When Dinosaurs Came With Everything, can be checked out from our Media Center, too!

After watching the Brainpop video on Fossils, we should be ready for our visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, Canada.

Fourth Grade

Amelia the Pigeon - Read and interact with this book created by NASA to get us ready for our visit with NASA in our program A View From the Top!

EarthKam - Check out the satellite images from past missions of the Sally Ride EarthKam!

Fifth Grade

To get us ready for our visit to the Minnesota Zoo, we are going to learn about biomimicry. Please do the following:

1. Please watch the slideshow movie "Seven Amazing Examples of Biomimicry".

2. Please watch this video on artist Theo Jensen's Strandbeests.

3. Finally, use the activity sheet to match up each invention with it's inspiration from nature. Did you get them all right?

Have a few more minutes? Check out this video on the sloth to find out how it has influenced the design of some bridges. Then check out this video on a student biomimicry design challenge.

R. Beaudoin April 2014