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Congratulations! Now that your mini-book is finished,
you are officially an author.

Print books, like yours, are one way to share stories with
others. Digital online books are another way. Click the links
below to explore some stories that are meant to be enjoyed
online. You can also listen to interviews with some
of your favorite authors to find out more about them and
their writing process!

Story Books MightyBooks

Baking Bread

The Three PIgs

The Mouse and the Lion

Inkless Tales

The Fox and the Crow

The Three Bears

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Traditional Stories Interactive Stories

Reading Rockets Author Interviews

Genre refers to the type of book you are writing (or reading). Is it a mystery? A fairy tale? Perhaps a realistic fiction book? Learn more about genres by checking out the link below. Make sure you read the information first, then try the games!